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About Us

Who is ReachaBowl?


Hi. My name is Vadim and I'm an engineer and patent attorney living in Louisville, Kentucky with wife, daughter, and pup. Most of my time is spent creating new surgical tools and other complex mechanical systems.

My goal with ReachaBowl was to craft a product that is both a pleasure to use and look at.

Dogs have been a part of our family for as long as I can remember. I created the Reachabowl to make feeding dogs easier for my parents, but my wife and I have ended up loving using it in our home as well.

My engineering contacts and experience have allowed me to build the Reachabowl at world class American factories from materials and processes usually reserved for high-end furniture and tableware. You'll know as soon as you take the ReachaBowl out of its box that it is a huge improvement in quality, design, and materials relative to most pet products you've seen before.

The ReachaBowl has been great in our home, and I hope you'll like it too!

If you've got questions, comments, feedback, or suggestions, please reach out to me at